"Unlike most experiences in our life, spontaneity and individuality were welcome."
Christine Alicot brought a new way of thinking to our class. She told us there was music all around us, so we began by listening to the music of our classroom. From there, we discussed how we felt and what we heard. Then it was time to create music ourselves and without instruments.
Most of us are used to performing music that is dictated, structured, and planned. However, Christine encouraged us to improvise, creating music with no defined form or style. Combining my own sounds with those of my classmates, we created beautiful rhythms and harmonies expressive of each individual yet unknown by all of us.
Unlike most experiences in our life, spontaneity and individuality were welcome. We were able to experiment with various instruments and combinations of sounds for a common goal of music.

I really enjoyed this opportunity to break away from the routine of class and music. The experience sent me on a roller coaster of sensations including: excitement, peacefulness, anticipation, laughter, and mostly joy. Christine reminded me of the beauty that may only come from creation.

-Neil Allman, University of Florida

"The improvisations were amazing."
After the initial activity (listening to the surrounding sounds) we were able to concentrate on the creation of music. The improvisations were amazing. Even though our rhythms and melodies could be somewhat random, they all seem to come together. I felt energized and excited by the music. I think the improvisation activities really made my day. Even the following day, I felt more energized than usual ...

Music is one of the best ways to connect people together, and I feel like our class will be even more unified after exploring the creative process in such a manner. This is an experience I was glad to tell my friends and family about. It is definitely one of the best things I have gotten to do in a class.

-Sharmini Pitter, University of Florida

"At the end of the session I felt energized and alert"
I had a wonderful time participating in Christine Alicot's musical activities. The creative musical exercises forced me and my classmates to pay extremely close attention to each other and the music we were creating ... It was an especially unique experience because everyone on our class had the opportunity to try playing these different instruments without having to worry about how well they were doing. I think the purpose of the session was to get our class to both relax and focus at the same time. This goal was achieved through our participation in a couple of different musical activities ... I really enjoyed these activities because it made no difference whether or not my classmates had musical experience as long as they were listening to and feeling the music while they played. it was also a great reminder that it isn't necessary for music to be planned or practiced ahead of time, and that some beautiful and moving music is created spontaneously. At the end of the session I felt energized and alert from focusing on fitting in with the ensemble, but I also felt extremely calmed by the beautiful soothing music our class created.

-Brook Critcher, University of Florida

"The feeling of those sounds relaxed my body, made me breathe slower, and helped me clear my mind."
I walked in to class not knowing what to expect. Dr. Zach had told us Christine Alicot's visit would be an experience, but I was not quite sure what she meant by that. I came to class with an open mind and I was ready to see what she had to offer. I immediately became intrigued bywhat I was about to participate in when I saw all the instruments last out on the floor. What were they there for? would we get to use them? How were we going to use them? The first part of the session where we all sat in silence and listened to the sounds around us was probably my favorite of all the activities we would do...
The next two activities were not only soothing, but they were also fun. I loved to anticipate what each trio would sound like or how each person would play their instrument. Sometimes when a steady beat was formed or a slight tune was created, I would close my eyes to get a better feel of the sound. The feeling of those sounds relaxed my body, made me breathe slower, and helped me clear my mind.
I now see what Dr. Zach meant by this being an experience. The only way to fully understand its effects would be to actually participate in the
activities. It would be too hard to describe all its benefits fully only in words. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

-Katie Almon, University of Florida

"I loved the intangible magic that occurred from instruments acting as mediums. My armor, honed and perfected, enjoyed some time of rest."
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- Dr. Nora B Infante
Clinical and Consulting Psychology